Opportunity to improve

your dreams your chance your choice


Our goals

Exploring the world of youth football and getting to know young players. Cooperatively giving them the opportunity to take a step forward in their career. Creating a chance to show their talents and commitment. Help them to improve their abilities and giving advice when it comes to make a decision to take the right choice.


We are mainly focusing on individuals as players helping them to put all the pieces of the puzzle to their right place, fill the missing points, improve what is already given.


Individual trainings or training plans, proper nutrition consulting, performance monitoring, personal core muscle trainings, physiotherapy, mental trainings and also personalized sports education as well.


More still to come! Stay online with us!


Our team

Our team was built by the idea of giving a helping hand for all of those young players who believe that their future as a professional football player is a dream that is worth to work hard for.

Keep in touch with us for more! Updates are in process!

Attila NAGY

General manager, Scout


International affairs, Scout

Peter LASZLO dr. jur.

Lawyer, Scout